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Website widget connection

This article explains how the website widget works and how to get connected

Our website widget is a simple tool that helps increase website conversions by displaying your latest five-star reviews directly on your website.  

The widget is available on Pro plans only. If you're on a starter plan and would like to make the most of the Website widget feature, reach out to us here to chat.  

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 10.37.01 am

Follow the steps below to connect the website widget to your site. 

  1. Login to your betterbunch account

  2. Head to the Settings page on the bottom/left of your dashboard

  3. From there, navigate to the Widget tab

  4. Click Set up your widget  
  5. Select which site you'd like your reviews to be pulled from
  6. Adjust your Start after time 
    This is the number of seconds it will take for the widget to pop up on your site 
  7. Set you Adjust after time 
    This is the number of seconds a review will display before changing to the next 
  8. Click Next and then Test. An example your website widget will appear on the bottom right of your screen. If you are happy with the timing, hit It's working 
  9. Now it's time to get technical (not really). Select Copy code and ask your website developer to paste this code between the <head></head> tags on your website
  10. Once it's added to your tags, your website widget will appear on your homepage whenever a customer comes knocking 🥳